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The 6th Guangzhou Digital Printing Graphic and Fast Printing Exhibition was held grandly. Zhejiang Daxiang Group is looking forward to your visit in 2T16.

Release date:2018-07-13 16:23:29

The 6th Guangzhou Digital Printing Graphic Printing Office Exhibition was held in Guangzhou-Pazhou International Purchasing Center from May 19th to May 21st. Zhejiang Daxiang Group is looking forward to your arrival in 2T16~
Zhejiang Daxiang Group's three major brands
Front forward HJ Acer LUCK Daxiang
Specializing in the production of paper cutters, plastic machines!
National High-Tech Enterprise!
National standard drafting unit!
More than 30 invention patents, first-line brand!


The International Purchasing Center is in full swing. Zhejiang Daxiang Group's practical and efficient products are well received by customers and industry insiders. We love to sign more sets of graphic equipment on site. The exhibition continues to be warm and welcome everyone to come to the machine for testing. We have tailor-made solutions for you on the spot, to answer your questions and suggestions, and to offer you a lot of benefits. We look forward to your visit.



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