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Warmly celebrate the "25th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition" was a complete success!

Release date:2018-07-13

Fireworks in March, should go down the river. On March 10th, the 25th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition was grandly opened. Zhejiang Daxiang also came to Guangzhou with the latest products in 2018. It was displayed together with many well-known domestic enterprises.

South China Exhibition is one of the most representative professional exhibitions in China's printing industry. At the beginning of the exhibition, the scene was very lively and crowded.

The new models such as CP670D paper cutter, EVA glue machine and F2 plastic machine that are exhibited by Zhejiang Daxiang are deeply concerned by new and old customers. Many customers expressed their intention to cooperate, and some customers placed orders on the spot. The atmosphere was very warm.



Today, the South China Exhibition has been successfully closed, but this is only the end of a phase. In the days to come, we will still not forget our original heart, and we are willing to work together with you to achieve a win-win future!

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