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【2018.01】Won the title of national high-tech enterprise.

【2017.04】Introduced the classic hydraulic RH520T series paper cutter.
【2017.05】Introduced the F2 intelligent automatic cover wireless binding machine.

【2016.07】Launched the first intelligent three-sided paper cutter and PUR plastic machine.
【2016.09】Zhejiang Daxiang Office Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully merged Hangzhou Acer Optoelectronics Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

【2015.11】Established product research cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology to accelerate the development of new products.

【2014.11】The new factory was completed and completed! Company name: Zhejiang Daxiang Office Equipment Co., Ltd.

【2013.05】Introduced the new 405LM, 805LM, 906RM three side-mounted plastic wireless binding machines.
【2013.05】The global sales of classic hydraulic series paper cutters has exceeded 5,000 units.
【2013.07】Introduced the new H520RT, H670RT, H720RT hydraulic microcomputer paper cutter and E520T, E650T, E720T electric microcomputer paper cutter.
【2013.11】Participated in the drafting unit of China's small paper cutter industry standard.

【2012.07】Launched all new H520, H670, H720 hydraulic paper cutters and E520, E650, E720 electric paper cutters.
【2012.09】Received the honor of the Excellent Supplier of China Express Printing Industry Association.

【2011】Introduced the 670M series of heavy duty hydraulic paper cutters.
【2011】Launched the classic classic 405, 805 automatic wireless binding machine.
【2011.11】Received the honor of China Top Printing Industry Association TOP100 Excellent Brand Enterprise.

【2009】Launched a full range of electric and hydraulic tools for a total of 22 paper cutters.

【2008】It was the first company to pass the “Office Standard Small Paper Cutter Enterprise Standard” in Hangzhou.

【2007】Launched the first domestic 480 hydraulic paper cutter with dual hydraulic, oblique knife cutting, cylinder swing and other new technologies.

【2006】Launched the first A3 full pneumatic wireless binding machine.

【2005】Introduced 450, 460, 480, 550, 650 and other series of electric paper cutters.

【2002】Hangzhou Daxiang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was formally established.
【2002.05】Hangzhou Daxiang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. launched the first 450 electric precision paper cutter in China, which has received extensive attention from Chinese and foreign customers.
【2002.12】Launched the first 450 CNC digital precision precision paper cutter in China.